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Lessons from Mother Nature

As I walked this morning I felt the change in the season. The mist was hanging low over Bristol. The air was sharp. The leaves were starting to turn. The days are shortening and the season is changing. It’s all part of the normal cycle. It’s essential. The plants die back. The leaves fall and…

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The Answer Is Never Outside You.

“I’m dealing with things differently now” Love it when I hear words like this from a client. Most people think they need to change their external circumstances before they can feel better / content / happy or whatever it is they are looking for. When I’ve made £XXX then I’ll feel secure. Once I’ve sorted out this relationship then…

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What Are You Going To Create Today?

​Sunrise A new dawn A new day A new start The slate wiped clean from yesterday A blank sheet of paper ready to create whatever you want to create 24 hours waiting to be filled with whatever you choose to put in it So much potential So much possibility What are you going to create today? When you’re ready… Here are three ways…

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Hi, I'm Nathaniel

I help people figure out what they really want, and then I help them become who they need to be to make it happen.

Most people believe change is slow and painful and hard. The truth is... the change you seek is closer than you could possibly imagine.

Most people think changing the world is someone else's responsibility. The truth is... your personal power to create change is one of the most potent forces in the universe, and when you set your intention and commit to making it happen, the world will shift for you.

Most people think you need to feel a certain way before you take action. The truth is... the feelings you seek lie on the other side of the actions you take.

I believe we have a personal responsibility to create the change we want to see in the world, and when you own that, get clear on the change you want to see and then become who you need to be to create that change...

...your world will change in ways you can not even imagine right now.

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