Creating the life you want is easier than you might think

When you make the space for change to happen

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How To Start Creating Space

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Ideas and Musings

Flexible Thinking

I had some lovely feedback from a friend this week. She said “your videos make me smile, and they make me think”. This was so lovely to hear. It made me smile. And it made me think. The smile part was a bonus, it’s nice to make people smile, but it wasn’t the bit that…

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The simple process to deliver massive results

“This week I won a $37.5k proposal and a $15k proposal. Massive step towards my goals. Just the beginning 🙂 You’ve been instrumental in helping me grow as a person and in business. Thank you.”

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3 ways to make more time in your life

Time is a funny thing; sometimes it feels like we have all the time in the world, and sometimes we just can’t get enough. Our perception of time can change, moment to moment, and time is often cited as a major barrier for people in achieving what they want to achieve. “I haven’t got enough…

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Hi, I'm Nathaniel Dunn

I help people exponentially improve their lives, from the inside out.

I know, I know.

What does this even mean?

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Right?

Let's cut straight to it. Here's the truth about my coaching...

The truth is that what I do isn't actually that hard.

Anyone could do it.

Let's face it, if you have even just the faintest clue of what you want and you're older than five then you could spend some time finding the answers on Google, buy a few online courses, then put it all together and improve your life in no time at all.

Easy right!?

So then...

...why hasn't this worked?

Why is there something that's still not quite right?

Why is it that people don't get what they want, even when they have all the information they need to make it happen?

Well, herein lies the mystery and also where I come in.

I help people create a real, deep and lasting transformation in their experience of life.

The way I do this is tailored to my individual clients, their specific situation and what they want to create.

We slow right down.
We dissolve barriers.
We get sh#t done.

Whether you're in business for yourself and you want to accelerate growth and get a better work-life balance, or you're in a corporate job and you're ready to hang up the 9-5 to follow your dreams - then let's talk.

Through my coaching programs I've helped real people just like you to create a step change in their experience of life, get tangible real world results and trade frustration for freedom.

When you're ready, let's have a chat.

Feedback from my Clients


Nathaniel is a results driven coach, with a corporate background which I value greatly because we are able to connect easily.

This kind of coaching has been pivotal in increasing my clarity of direction and has helped me in making significant wins in relatively short time. I highly recommend Nathaniel 's coaching services.

Clesia Mendes

PPI Complaints Marks & Spencer Bank/ HSBC Group/ Speaker, Coach & Consultant

Conor O'Shea

Nathaniel helped me gain more clarity and direction with my business. He's a very calm professional guy that cuts out all the clutter and makes the path a lot clearer. Highly recommended.

Conor O'Shea

Coach at Conor O' Shea Fitness

Michael Agnew

Nathaniel is a great guy to work with, and I found the support he offered extremely insightful on both a personal and professional level. He helped me to break down barriers into manageable steps which I was able to start tackling and seeing results from after our first session.

Michael Agnew

APAC Lead, Foresight Factory

Mark Rycroft

Nathaniel is fantastic at listening and uncovering what it is that you really want from your life. Our daily life struggles cloud our dreams and aspirations and stepping back to talk and work with Nathaniel helped me understand what it is I really want and what it is that I know will make me happy.

Fear is something that holds us back from taking bold steps that we know will enhance our lives and Nathaniel is great at working through this. Working with Nathaniel I can honestly say he's great guy, very supportive, action oriented, never afraid to take on life, and above all he goes about it without an ego.

Mark Rycroft

Merida Product Manager at Advance Traders


As a result of working with Nathaniel, we have developed a better understanding of communication and how important listening and watching is when working with people. We have implemented better processes, become more effective at managing our time and resources and increased our happiness.

This has made a massive, measurable and lasting impact on our business and personal lives. Thank you!

Justin Aisman

Owner at Urban Athletic​

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