Hi, I'm Nath.

I help people exponentially increase their results in life.


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Now if you’re reading this then you’re probably wondering...

Is this guy worth my time and attention?

For many of you, it will be no.

Here’s why:


  1. If you’re looking for an accountability buddy, I’m not your man.


Lots of people look to a coach as someone to tell them what to do.

You know, coach says “do X”, client says “ok”, repeat the next week.

Now, while all my clients do find themselves taking action on a regular basis and do feel that I’m a bit of a hard ass when it comes to them doing what they say they will, every single one of them has committed to their own development up front.

Any actions that appear on a client’s to do list arise through the coaching process. They are the client’s actions. The client owns them. It is up to the client whether they take the action or not.

I’m not in the business of cracking the whip for people who don’t really want to create the change they talk about.

There are plenty of coaches out there who will give you advice and tell you what to do.

I’m not one of them.  


  1. If you want to stay in your comfort zone, you will not get the results you seek.


Staying comfortable is the easy route. And it’s the route that has you staying in the same place.

When people come to me they want to create change in their world. Big, scary, exciting change.

It is just not possible to create change at this level without taking actions that are outside of your comfort zone.

At the end of the day, if you want to create something you don’t already have, you’re going to need to do things you haven’t done yet.

It’s just par for the course.

If you want to stay comfortable that’s fine, just keep doing what you’re doing.


  1. If you’re looking for the latest tips and tricks for success, you won’t find it here.


Do I know a few tips and tricks- of course.

But that’s not what working with me is all about. Let’s be honest, you can get that kind of stuff anywhere.

The self development world is awash with this kind of thing.

You’ve probably read some of the books, you probably get the latest updates from the tip and trick masters out there.

And if you’re reading this, you probably know the answers you seek don’t lie in the latest tactics.

Tactics are useful, essential even, but deep and lasting changes in your results come from somewhere much deeper. They come from within you. If you’re not prepared to look inside, then you won’t get the results you’re looking for.

Still here? Good.

Here’s what you can expect from me:


Powerful conversations that create the environment for you to have your own insights and realisations.


Exercises and activities that help you deepen your understanding of yourself and how you work.

Zero-judgement. A safe space so you can get in tune with your deepest inner workings, because this is where the magic happens.

Now, you’re probably thinking,


How do I know if your coaching is any good?


Great question, you don’t yet.

The smartest thing to do is to just get some of my free materials. If you like them, you’ll probably like talking to me. If you don’t, you probably won’t.

So, here’s the ‘blow my own trumpet’ bit you’ve probably been waiting for...

In my early thirties I was in a "successful" corporate career.


I was working for a global market leading organisation, leading a large team of people and managing high profile clients worth millions of dollars to the business. I was making great money and it looked like I was “successful”.

The thing is, I didn't feel successful.

I was not passionate about what I was doing.

I had a major clash of values with the industry I was in.

And I felt like I wasn’t being me.


"As I looked into the future, the thought of staying on that path terrified me."


I had to do something about it and my mind turned to an escape plan.

I threw myself into consuming all the information I could find on how to get rich, quick!

Over the course of the next three years I bought some investment properties, I learnt the strategies to invest in property (yes, in that order), spent six months looking for the next amazing deal and eventually gave up on it to investigate starting an importing business. After investigating this for six months and deciding it was too risky, I started an ecommerce business selling craft cider, creating something from nothing and building a business from scratch.

All of this while working full time in a high-pressure job.

I was exhausted.

Fairly early in this process I came up against something that had been a challenge for me my whole life.

I had always been shy and hated any kind of public speaking.

I would suffer extreme anxiety if there was even a chance of me having to talk in a public environment.

I’m talking cold sweats, the inability to concentrate on anything else, gut wrenching fear even weeks ahead of the date of the presentation. It was horrible.

I had felt like this for my whole life and thought it was just a part of who I was.

The thing is, my job involved me doing stand up presentations on a regular basis, like every week. I was constantly feeling uneasy and uncomfortable and it was emotionally and physically exhausting.

One day, in a work meeting, I had an experience that pushed me over the edge. I was running a meeting with 7 people, including me. They were all people I knew, I had a good relationship with everyone in the room, there was no reason for it be awkward.

But for some reason it was. I was so uncomfortable that I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me up. I felt like I couldn’t get my words out, I felt super uncomfortable and time seemed to slow down so I could really feel every single horrendous second of the short meeting.

I have no idea what happened that day but it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I walked out of that meeting and resolved to myself that I had to fix it.

I had no idea how but I had to sort it out. Enough was enough

I had heard about a field called NLP, and I knew some people who had ‘fixed’ various fears and anxieties with it. I had read a book on it years before and had been intrigued by it, so I looked for someone who could help me.


Little did I know my life would change after that.


I found someone teaching NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming - a horrible name for a fascinating field - I think of it as kung fu for the mind) and I started learning from them.

I didn’t know at that point that this person is regarded as one of the top trainers on the planet. I still count my lucky stars to this day.

Within a few hours of training, I had learned the skills to completely dissolve my social anxieties.

Read that again- this was something I had experienced my whole life, that had consumed me in negative emotions and been the single biggest challenge I had experienced in my life to that point. And it was gone. Just. Like. That.

I was blown away, it was like I had been reborn (sounds cheesy but this was an experience that is hard to put into words!) My whole experience of life changed in an instant, and it continued to evolve in exciting ways for years afterwards.

I became fascinated with how change happens, and was determined to learn everything I could about it.

I threw myself into further study of NLP and investigated other modalities for change. I learned about Hypnosis, Deep Inner Work and the Three Principles.

Over the course of a number of years my understanding of the way the human experience works deepened and evolved and my experience of life got better and better.

And as my understanding of myself got better, so my results out in the world got better.

I finally figured out what I really wanted from life, what is important to me and who I want to be in the world.

I figured out what was holding me back from achieving that and I set about dealing with it.

Fast forward to today and I now help other people on that same journey.

I love it!

Here’s what I will help you with, specifically:

My main focus is to help you get onto the right path for you by understanding yourself better.

I use the Mindset Coaching approach, which is a fancy way of saying “here’s all the best stuff I’ve learned along my journey to figure out what I really want and how to make it happen, to help you on your journey to figure out what you really want and how to make it happen”.

I work at the level of mindset. This is another way of saying "I help you understand the way you work, so you can develop the mental abilities and habits to create whatever you want to create in the world”.

I do this through powerful conversations and exercises, and by creating the space for you to have the insights that will allow you to move forward in the direction that is right for you.

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