If you want to change the world, start with yourself first

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I’ve always been known as a problem solver. Someone you could rely on to sort things out and get things done. I repaired broken relationships, I got dysfunctional teams humming again, I created lots of incremental revenue for my employers.

I found I could easily connect to others, whatever their background or interest, and have often been called on for negotiations, mediations or communication of an important message.

This aptitude and interest took me into professional communication, managing high profile clients, leading teams of people, building a startup, business development and coaching.

I’ve been a risk taker most of my life. Walking towards uncomfortable situations with open eyes, knowing it could all backfire on me in an instant. It’s led to some incredible experiences, and some deeply uncomfortable moments where I learnt so much about myself.

But I have been reckless, I have made plenty of mistakes and have often felt like I’m winging my way through life. I’ve damaged relationships I cared about, I’ve made poor decisions that have cost me dearly and I’ve held myself back because I was too scared to go after what I really wanted.

For a long time I struggled to acknowledge and solve my own problems. Deep rooted anxiety around groups of people. Fear of what others thought of me. A perpetual feeling of embarrassment. Absolutely hating the limelight, having to perform or offer my opinion.

I didn’t know what I wanted, I didn’t know what was really important to me and I certainly wasn’t living it.

But after a long and deep exploration into my own thoughts and fears and values and desires, surrounding myself with amazing teachers, mentors and coaches, learning about human psychology, behavioural science and spirituality, I found a different way of being.

I began to understand how my thoughts and my feelings work, and I found how to stop getting in my own way and operate with ease and flow and positive energy on tap.

I realised what I want, the lifestyle I love and what inspires me. Then I turned it from a dream into a reality.

I walk my talk and I live a life deeply connected with my own deepest values. Every single day.

I am passionate about making a positive difference to the vast social and environmental challenges we face in the world today and I do so on my terms, living the kind of lifestyle I want and making a living in a way that I am deeply aligned with.

But I still get insecure sometimes, I struggle with the enormity of the task at hand and feel scared when I speak up to an ever increasing audience of people. I work too hard, I get distracted by the next new idea and I over think and under execute.

I am human.

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