Posts by Nathaniel Dunn

3 ways to make more time in your life

Time is a funny thing; sometimes it feels like we have all the time in the world, and sometimes we just can’t get enough. Our perception of time can change, moment to moment, and time is often cited as a major barrier for people in achieving what they want to achieve. “I haven’t got enough…

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The source of happiness

“All of this, for what purpose?” What is it that you really want? That is the question. Well, maybe. That’s one question. Once you know that, and on some level you probably do, another question can be more powerful. For what purpose? Or, put another way, what is that going to do for you? What…

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The secret to creating the life of your dreams

What do you want to create? Sounds like an easy question doesn’t it? And it is, if you know the answer. As I reflect on my journey over recent years, moving away from working in an industry I wasn’t passionate about and moving towards being paid for doing something I believe in, this question has…

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