Here's The Antidote To Modern Living,

How A Simpler Way Of Being Works...

And How You Can Put It To Work For Yourself



Do you feel like life is moving way too fast?

Do you find yourself overthinking everything, with a busy mind that never seems to let up?

Do you spend too much time sitting and know your body isn’t liking you for it?

Do you find your life is ruled by your phone and your laptop?

Do you wonder what life used to be like in the good old days before this crazy modern living took hold?


We’re living in an amazing time in the world

The rate of change is incredible

We have so many opportunities available to us right now


This comes with a cost

We’re living at an ultra fast pace and we’re exhausted

We’re hyperconnected but we’re disconnected from ourselves

We’re glued to our devices and always available so we’ve forgotten what it feels like to just be present

Our attention is spread so thinly that we have no headspace left

We live in increasingly urban environments and we’re disconnected from the cycle of the day and the seasons

We run our lives based around work commitments, stimulants and media so our body clocks are out of whack

We buy food from supermarkets and we’ve forgotten what it’s like to live off the land

We didn’t evolve to live like this

Modern life is a very recent development in the history of humanity and our human systems have not caught up yet

No wonder we’re stressed!

No wonder we’re tired!

No wonder we’re not feeling grounded and aligned!


This weekend Back To Basics experience is the antidote to all that

It's all about slowing down

Slowing down our minds

Slowing down our bodies

Understanding ourselves more deeply

Getting into nature so we can get back to our true nature




We spend 3 days in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside

(where the air is fresh and the loudest noise is the birds coming in the roost)


We turn off all the technology- no phones / wifi / electricity

(3 days without your phone on....can you imagine?!)


We run the days based on the natural cycle of the sun our energy levels

(so no alarm clocks, rigid agenda or urgency...yes you really can go with the flow)


We live off the land, with all the food sourced from local organic farms

(no plastic waste, low food miles and supporting local businesses instead of toxic mega corporations with atrocious welfare standards)


We get back into our bodies with natural movement practices that are challenging, fun and great for our bodies

(no sets and reps of mind-numbing exercises or boring stretching!)


We tap into our most potent tool for clearing our mind, healing our bodies and calming our nervous system through breathwork practice

(did anyone ever teach you to breath?)


We access limitless energy, mental clarity and emotional resilience through cold immersion

(everyone who does this learns to love it really quickly)


We cultivate our bodies' innate healing mechanisms through fasting

(don't worry, there will be plenty of food around if you're hungry but once you deeply understand your relationship to hunger your relationship to food will change for ever)


We become more grounded, more resilient and more peaceful by understanding our emotional system more deeply than ever before

(understanding the mind body connection and how our thoughts and feelings really work is the key to self mastery)




 A working organic farm in an AONB (Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty) in Wiltshire, 90 mins from London

Custom built venue in a quiet glade in the woods

Exact location released to attendees on booking



1st / 2nd / 3rd September 2023

Arrival from 9.30am on Friday 1st

The experience finishes by 5pm on Sunday 3rd

You're welcome to stay onsite until Monday lunchtime



All food and drinks included

Organic, local, seasonal food from local producers

No supermarkets or plastic involved

Special dietary requirements catered for (please ask)



Bring your own tent / campervan

Running water onsite but no power hookups (back to basics remember)

Purpose built composting toilets onsite

You will be outside all weekend so come prepared




First 10 places available at £347 so get in quick!


Use FRIEND20 at checkout for 20% price reduction if you're buying more than 1 ticket





You will access deeper, calmer states of mind

You will find mental clarity and alertness, without the use of stimulants

You will feel the benefits of your body's natural healing mechanisms

You will understand yourself and your physical system on much deeper level, which means you will be more at home in your body

You will find yourself experiencing deeper levels of calm and peace

You will feel more grounded, more connected, more in your body

You will feel stronger in your body and in your mind

You will discover simple and powerful tools, practices and rituals that you can take back into your day to day life after the retreat

You will know how to get the basics right for your mind and your body, which will become the foundation for everything else you're creating in your life


Sounds good doesn't it?

Why don't you put yourself first and join us...



Nathaniel is a Changemaker.

He is fascinated by how change inside a person can lead to change in the world.

That's what he's devoted himself to through his business in coaching, consulting, speaking, writing and leadership training.

Before this he spent over a decade in the corporate world, building and running teams, managing multinational client relationships, winning new business and leading strategic projects. He left that life to build a startup for a few years, spent some time in business development and found his way into coaching.

He struggled for many years with social anxiety and dived deep into NLP and hypnosis, 3P and coaching in an effort to understand how it all worked.

He worked for several years with a social enterprise that supports military veterans and emergency services workers, helping them heal their trauma, post traumatic stress and addictions, and has helped people rebuild their lives from the ground up.

Nathaniel now works with entrepreneurs, business leaders and their teams, and is passionate about helping people understand themselves deeply so they can create what they want to create in the world.

He’s interested in personal mastery and has explored different modalities to improve performance across all areas of life, from business to relationships, speaking to sports, selling to surviving personal tragedy.

He is passionate about living a low impact, sustainable lifestyle and is currently building an off-grid living space in a secret location in UK.


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