Turn your dreams into your reality

My coaching is bespoke and tailored to the person I am with.  

There is something magical that happens when two people come together with zero judgement, open hearts and open minds, and a commitment to real and honest communication. 

It is the power of this space that we create that allows massive transformation to occur.

It is gentle and loving and open, and it can be challenging and deep and direct. 

When you are willing to shine a light into the inner works of yourself and dance with whatever you find, life gets very interesting very quickly.

My clients include writers, entrepreneurs, coaches and therapists, executives and special forces soldiers. I love to work with people who inspire me and who have big dreams for themselves and the world.

I am highly selective with who I work with and what I love about my clients is their commitment to two things:

To creating what they want in the world through action. 

To understanding themselves deeply so they can become who they need to be in order to create what they want.

I partner with individuals for 1:1 work that is the catalyst for massive change in their world. My minimum agreement is three months, but many clients work with me for a year or more. 

I also create transformational experiences for small groups, both online and live. 

If you're interested to explore what this could like for you then contact me to open the conversation.

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