You want to live a life you love, don't you?

A life of meaning, where your days are filled with things you enjoy doing and people you enjoy spending time with, you're making the kind of impact you want to make and you have a great lifestyle with a perfect balance of work and rest and fun.

A life that ticks ALL the boxes.


Sounds good, doesn't it?


So why do so few people live like this?

Because they’re looking in the wrong place!


Most people think that to create the life they love they have to work harder.

They think there’s some missing piece of information they need that is the secret to unlocking their dreams.

They think they need more confidence or certainty or self-belief before they can really create what they want.

They think that what they need to make the changes they want will come from somewhere outside themselves.


And this is why so many aren’t living the life they want because this is not how it works!


Here’s what I know to be true:

You can create what you want by doing less.


Action is essential but not all action is created equal.

More information is slowing you down and getting in the way.


You need less on your mind and more practice out there in the world. Execution is king.

The emotions you seek lie on the other side of what you create in the world. They come later.


You don’t need confidence and certainty and self belief, you need courage and commitment and focus.

The real work is the inner game.


When you work on yourself, the external results start to take care of themselves.

Focus on the one thing that is in your control: you.


This is a different way...


It’s the way of creation.

Making things happen in your world and loving the journey.

Being in consistent, focussed action.

Feeling energised and inspired and like you have taken complete ownership of your future.

Because you have.

If you want some of this in your life then I want you to join me.


We work together for 3 months


You will learn and grow together with a small group of people in the same boat as you. You will have a safe space to share your progress and your challenges without judgement.

You will experience the mindset shifts that you need to go through in order to create the change you seek in your world. You will begin to think differently. 

You will experience powerful tools and exercises that you will use to take the ideas and insights and realisations you are having and start to turn them into tangible results in your world. Your world will begin to change.

You will be coached by me on your specific challenges, blocks and questions so you will always know what the next step is and you are consistently busting through the thinking that is holding you back.



You will become a creative powerhouse in your life


You will be feeling energised and excited as you experience the results happening in your world.

You will feel motivated and inspired and driven by the creative process.

You will deal with the outdated, limiting thought patterns and mindsets that have been slowing you down until now.

You will have crystal clear clarity on what the next step is for you and you will not be burdened with lack of confidence, certainty or self-belief any more.

You will see and feel the difference you are making in your life right from the first week.

By the end you will have the momentum that comes from consistent action and you will be feeling empowered and in control of your future.

You will have a new way of being in the world that will serve you long after the program finishes.


Your investment:


The price of the program is £600 and you will need 2 hours per week.

 We begin on April 21st 2023.

Calls are 90 mins and start at 8am UK time.

But this is more than just a commitment of time and money.

You need to bring an open mind, a willingness to take action and an understanding that the inner work is where the gold is.


If you're ready to start creating what you really want then join us


Make the most important commitment you can make in life: to yourself.

Strap in, get ready and let's start creating YOUR future.




I was at a point where I everything had just gotten on top of me. I was in my job and I was super stressed and super busy. I had been asking myself for years all these questions: was I in the right job?

What am I really doing with these clients who are trying to fill the world with this crap that they are feeding people? It didn't sit well with me that I was working in an industry which was making the world sick, basically.

That was at the time when I realised I have to do something about this. I have to really figure things out in my head. I didn't know where to turn. I didn't know what to do.

I was wondering whether it was worth the money and I thought I had no time to do this because I'm so busy at work.

Now I am in a completely different location. I've moved to our dream house that I never could have envisaged back then ever. I’m just really happy. I feel confident in myself. I'm living the life that I wanted to create for myself. I’m building my business in holistic therapies. I am doing the things I want to do. I am living the life that I wanted to create for myself.

Right when we started working together you asked us what are your values and I had never asked myself that before, even though, looking back, I kind of knew my values were not to go into the food industry and pump sugar and salt and crap into people, you know? But it really made me think what are my values? Who am I? What am I about? What do I want to do? And it wasn't until I sat down and really sat with that and thought about it over time that I thought right I'm really in the wrong place here. I really need to shift and change.

In one of the coaching sessions that we were on, it was was pretty much like just go and fucking do it! I realised that no-one else is gonna do this for me and that I have to go and prove it to myself and now I am.




I felt like I was stuck in sludge, trying my hardest to get things moving. Everything I was doing was resulting in no material change. I was constantly stuck in a churn. It was taking its toll on me. I was doubting myself. Every day was starting to feel the same and I knew this is not what I want. My normal had become a grind.

I was trying to do exercise and yoga to energise myself but I wasn’t being consistent and I kept falling back into bad habits.

My thinking was if this continues, I'm on a slippery slope and I'm going to leave the business.

I knew you’d seen this a million times before. I knew you’d been in startups and you’ve had to overcome stuff to get to a point. I knew we were quite aligned so I thought why not?

I didn’t really know what the program would look like but I was willing to take a step into the unknown.

A lot has happened. Big changes. I won a good bit of money in a competition. I’m in talks with investors. Manufacturing has started. None of that was happening at the start of the program.

Stuff is happening. The external change is huge.

I’m in a much better place. I’m definitely more confident.

I am focussed on getting it going, not getting it perfect. I was previously very cautious and it cost a lot of time. Now I’m confident in my own ability. I know I can do this and I’m coming up with ideas and solutions when I need them.




I was looking for some support with my business and figuring out what I really wanted to do. I was still working for someone else, my business was quiet and I didn’t have many clients. I wasn’t really clear what my options were or where to focus and I was experiencing a lot of anxiety at that time.

I was putting a lot of effort into social media and not seeing much return. I had been on some meditation retreats but was struggling to integrate that into my daily life.

I was nervous about investing with you because I wasn’t sure if I would get value out of the work. Investing in yourself is different to investing in a new computer or something, you’re never quite sure what you will get from it.

Now my business is doing a lot better and it pays for my life. I’m still relatively new to this industry so more to go but my business covers my rent and my bills now and I have plenty of clients.

I feel like I’m learning about myself more and more. I’m not anxious anymore.

Working with you gave me the confidence to experiment with the packages I do and not just do what everyone else was doing. It felt quite bold to do something different to what everyone else was doing back then when I was starting out and I developed the confidence to do that.

It was really good working with you personally. You’re very generous and very caring and good at really supporting people. It’s good to work with someone that genuinely cares and has strong values and things that are important to you.




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