Let’s get real

You want change but you don’t want to change?

You want the environmental catastrophe to go away but you’re not willing to change your own consumption habits?

You want to get fit but you’re not willing to break a sweat?

You want to have more peace in your life but you’re not willing to look at the areas where you’re not at peace?

You want to make more money but you’re not willing to ask for more money?

You want to change your lifestyle but you’re not willing to take the risk?

You want relief from your chronic health problems but you’re not willing to change your nutrition and lifestyle habits?

You want to learn that skill but you’re not willing to practice every day?

Get real.

With yourself.

It feels cold and hard and uncomfortable but it’s the most loving thing you can do.

If you’re not doing the work, you don’t really want it.

Thinking you want it is not enough.

That’s not wanting it.

That’s thinking you want it.

So give yourself a break, back off from all the self criticism and just accept you don’t really want it.

Or realize you do really want it, make the commitment to creating it and crack on.

Either way, you win.

For the men in or near the UK, here’s how you can name your shame with my support:

The Isle Of Man is filling for the next July retreat. We get together for 5 days and remove all distractions so we can do the deep work on ourselves. Check it out here.

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