Flexible Thinking

I had some lovely feedback from a friend this week.

She said “your videos make me smile, and they make me think”.

This was so lovely to hear.

It made me smile. And it made me think.

The smile part was a bonus, it’s nice to make people smile, but it wasn’t the bit that stuck out for me.

The bit that got me thinking was the bit about the thinking.

Because it struck me some time ago that the most powerful gift any of us has is the ability to think differently. To see a new perspective. To change your mind about something. To have a realisation. It’s the most natural thing in the world and yet we often cling to our thinking as if we have something to lose if it changes.

What I realised is that being stuck with particular thinking means you are stuck with a particular way of seeing the world, so you are stuck with a particular way of showing up, and so you end up being stuck with a particular set of choices and outcomes.

But being more flexible in your thinking frees you up. You can see things differently, which means you can show up differently, which means you have access to more choices and so more outcomes. The world gets bigger the more flexibility you have in your thinking.

That was a revelation to me when I saw it. And it changed my world right there in that moment.

Being able to think differently than I had been before allowed to me to get a grip of deep rooted insecurities, hugely limiting thoughts and ideas about myself and what’s possible and how life must be that had been weighing me down for years.

It allowed me to open up to new perspectives and pathways that meant more became available to me. Things I would just never have considered doing (because obviously I’m just not the kind of guy who can do that kind of thing) became new ideas to test out and play with and explore. Life became more fun and a whole lot easier and I finally found a way to have my thinking working for me instead of against me.

And it all stemmed from being able to consciously and intentionally think differently.

It’s a superpower but it’s nothing special really. It’s so powerful it can change your life with a single thought but it’s so normal that it’s available to anyone right now who cares to understand some more about it.

You can develop it. Harness it. Work it like a muscle so your flexibility increases.

And the more flexible your thinking, the more choices you have. The more choices you have, the more outcomes you have available. The more outcomes you have available the more likely you are to create what you actually want in life.


If my message resonates with you and you want to develop more flexibility in your own thinking, create more choices and outcomes for yourself, then reach out to me at nathaniel@nathanieldunn.co.uk for a conversation.

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