Into The Unknown

Feeling stuck?

Not sure what to do?

Trying to figure out your next step?

If you haven’t found the answer yet then it is out there in the unknown.

The ideas and thinking and insight that you have not experienced yet.

So why do we tend to look to the known for the answers we seek?

The knowledge you have inside your mind is a tiny fraction of all the knowledge there is to know.

Even if you could somehow read the sum total of all the knowledge on the internet, you would still just be scraping the surface.

There are nearly 8 billion minds on this planet, each one of them with the capacity for a new thought multiple times a second.

There are new ideas popping into existence every moment all around the world.

It’s staggering really when you think about it.

But all the knowledge in the world is no use if you’re still stuck.

The answer is not there.

The answer is in the new thinking.

That moment of inspiration.

That flash of insight.

The beautiful moment when you realize something that answers the question once and for all.

This all exists in the unknown.

So when you’re feeling stuck, find ways to have your mind out there in the unknown.

Do something different.

Talk to someone new.

Let your mind wander.

Find different inputs.

Allow yourself the space to not know for a while.

You might be surprised what comes up.

For the men in or near the UK, if you want a new flash of insight and your next steps forward.

The Isle Of Man is filling for the next July retreat. We get together for 5 days and remove all distractions so we can do the deep work on ourselves. Check it out here.

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