Lessons from Mother Nature

As I walked this morning I felt the change in the season.

The mist was hanging low over Bristol.

The air was sharp.

The leaves were starting to turn.

The days are shortening and the season is changing.

It’s all part of the normal cycle.

It’s essential.

The plants die back.

The leaves fall and rot and become next years’s soil.

The cold wipes out some of the bugs and resets the system.

This is the way it works.

This is the way WE work.

But we’ve forgotten this.

We industrialised and organised and systemised and started measuring ourselves by economic output and growth rates and productivity.

Generations of our forebears were educated to think of themselves like machines.

Little cogs in the giant engine that relentlessly works to create more.

Never stopping, never resting, always seeking to work harder, faster, smarter.

We lost our way somewhere.

Because we’re not machines.

We just think we are.

And that thought can get us into trouble.

As I slow down after four months of travel and festivals and supporting family through health challenges, I feel the need to move into a different gear.

I planned it.

I was ready for it.

I need it.

But in the last two weeks, as I’m in that transition, I felt the weight of the indoctrination bearing down on me.

The feeling of guilt for blocking out chunks of time to think.

The sense of urgency that prevents me enjoying my walk.

The creeping sense of something going wrong if I’m not in busy mode.

“You know I really should…”

The moment the “shoulds” start coming I know I’m in an unhelpful space.

I can see it and hear it and feel it and yet I can’t quite shake it.

It takes work to move through it.

Awareness first.

Then acceptance.

Then transcendence.

Allowing and embracing it rather than fighting and resisting it.

Understanding it enough to not let it take over.

Letting it do its thing without getting too caught up in it.

Today was the first day I felt my mind truly open.

It took a two hour walk and an hour sat with my journal before I felt my mind really release.

Then the ideas started to come.

New life bursting free once the space was there.

Latent creativity that had been smothered by outdated thinking.

An unburdened mind flowing without effort.

This is the natural way of things.

The season changes.

We change.

Our growth is not linear like a line on a chart.

We have cycles too.

It’s ok to slow down.

It’s good to gather your energies.

Resting IS growing.

Mother Nature knows.

And if you watch and listen, she’ll show you what to do.

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