How to create a life that feels as good as it looks






to show the way

to live a particular type of life

to be the person who makes decisions

to be in front, be first or be winning in a particular situation




a winning position

To be effective in the world as a man you need to be a leader


Leading yourself so that you are a man of integrity


Leading your loved ones so you are the best father, brother, son you can be


Leading in your career so you can create the income and lifestyle that you want


Leading in your relationships so you can surround yourself with the right people


Leading in the world by standing for what you believe in



“You gave me the fucking keys to the Empire!” - Kris



Most men look outside themselves for the answers


They think the next podcast or book or training program will be the missing piece to have them living and feeling how they want


They think success lies in the contents of their bank account or the accolades they get at work


They think pandering to other people's needs and desires makes them a good man


They think there is some magic formula that exists out there to live a meangingful and happy life


They think that when they find the right partner / house / job they will have finally made it



“This space that you've got here is incredible. What you're doing is needed for men in a big way and on so many levels. Find the money, commit to it. It's life changing“ - Andy



The leader knows to look within


They know:


Leaders understand themselves deeply

You will experience more success more easily as you come from a more grounded place


Leaders lead themselves first

You will help everyone around you, especially those closest to you, by leading yourself first


Leaders are emotionally resilient

You will make better decisions, be more consistent, have clearer focus, have more self control, feel more inspiration


Leaders communicate effectively

You will improve ALL your relationships: your family life, your love life, your professional life


Leaders follow their own path

You will create a life of adventure, excitement and joy, as well as incredible success in the world



"I have succeeded in getting closer to a source of power and positivity within myself"- Gurj



The leader doesn't do what everyone else is doing


He knows to go the other way


Slowing down, removing all distractions and creating space in the busy world and your busy mind so you can connect to the leader inside you


Becoming an athlete of your mind by systematically removing the thoughts, feelings, judgements, stories, beliefs, baggage, behaviours and habits that aren't serving you anymore


Creating a new and different relationship with yourself that leads to seemingly effortless shifts in your life


This is deep inner work that leads to profound external results


We spend 4 months together, virtually and in person


You will learn and grow together with a small group of men who are committed to being leaders in their lives


You will experience deep, powerful coaching conversations that uncover the thinking that has been getting in the way for you until now and deal with it for good


You will learn powerful tools, growth games and exercises that you will use to take the ideas and insights and realisations you are having and turn them into tangible results in your world


You will be brutally honest with yourself and call yourself to a higher standard so you create what you really want, not what you think you can have


You will emerge with a new way of being in the world that serves you for the rest of your life and will impact everyone around you



"There's nothing to lose and everything to gain. There's nothing to fear. There's lots of love. And it's really an amazing space that has no time, no pressure, no external influences to corrupt what is truly yourself” - John



Your investment:


Paid in full, the price of the program is £1997

Or you can make 2 payments of £1197

But this is more than just a commitment of time and money

You need to bring an open mind, a willingness to be honest and to show up fully



“It’s been incredibly valuable to come to place to be witnessed, without judgement” - Ray



The details:


The next Intensive is starting in April 2023


The live experience is over a long weekend in June


We meet virtually every week, from the moment you sign up until July


Your investment includes all food for the weekend. All the food is home cooked and is locally and ethically sourced


The experience starts the moment you sign up with pre-work so the sooner you join, the more benefit you get




"Solutions or steps forward appear more apparent" - Al




If you want to be the leader you were born to be then join us


Make the most important commitment you can make in life: to yourself


Not everyone is ready for this level of work


Do you feel ready for this?


See if you're a good fit by answering these 5 questions:




"I’d never really considered myself as somebody having as polished social skills as some other people might have had, and it all converged into this mentality of clamouring for some sort of recognition, for some sort of attention. I didn't really understand why I felt so disassociated from other people. So I ended up going into therapy, doing that for a couple of years and unearthing what I would consider it to be really just theories. It was remarkably frustrating for me to not have any clue as to what I am meant to do with all of this non mental processes. I was just not really getting the results I wanted. Life really wasn't all that fulfilling and didn't seem like there was as much to look forward to or hoped for as as one would have imagined. I felt myself kind of progressively losing steam.

I started reaching out for sources which could provide alternative answers and ended up trying these various kind of underground groups and subcultures that you might find around London, and I started seeing that there were multiple worlds side by side and decided I wanted to go deeper in the rabbit hole, but ultimately, it was never really that fulfilling at all. I've consistently had this feeling like I'm not doing things for the right reasons. Or even if I do have the right reasons, I'm not willing to act upon them.

It seemed to me that certain things I'm just not capable of or worthy of or that are just out of my reach. Too many things have happened for me to adopt certain mentality certain mindsets and some skills I just didn't develop the right way. I had a fundamental belief that there was something was biologically, probably neurologically, wrong with me. Because there was nothing in the way of answers that I could ever find. It was remarkably frustrating because you feel like you're paddling against the current and the river is full of shit and it was not a good feeling.

My decision to attend your course really began with the understanding of the way that you took an interest in who I was and the stuff that I was going through.

That was something I hugely needed at the time, and I very much appreciate it to this day that somebody actually stood up in front of me and asked , hey, what the fuck are you going through? That really never happened to me before.

I knew that the lessons that you impart and the understand that you have has significantly magnetic effects on the people around you and the message that you put forward was highly regarded by everybody that I've seen you talk to about it.

I didn't have any idea what I was going into. And I made that a very conscious decision because I was genuinely curious.

The first thing I realised was the was that negative experiences in life are inevitable, are, you know, part and parcel of your existence and that's not something that you will be able to avoid them? Neither are you meant to to avoid it.

The second thing I realised was that that's not a problem. As such, that's there's no issue with you having negative experiences with you having negative feelings with you having a bad time.

The third realisation was that by understanding why I'm experiencing those emotions, I actually can use that to better myself and to drive myself in a better direction, better habits and just an all around better mentality.

By virtue of all of that, you get to be what you want to be. Its ultimate self determination! Wherever I am now, whatever I do, whatever I may have done, whatever the past is, doesn't matter, because I know exactly how to identify those things. I know how to set my mind to pursuing them. And ultimately, I get to write my own story.

It doesn't matter what anybody throws at me anymore, or what I perceive as being thrown at me.

So yeah, you gave me the fucking keys to the Empire!"





"I've had a lifelong battle between safety and adventure. I've always chosen safety and the regular income and stability, I guess primarily because of my son and thinking that was the right thing to do to provide for him in a steady and consistent way. But then that leaves you missing the adventure and is a dull and monotonous life.

I knew I needed to change this situation because it was grinding me down. I'm feeling the stress of the work, because there's so much of it, there's a pressure there to get all this stuff done and it's never ending and I don't enjoy it! Conversely, I have been gigging for 25 years and whenever I finish a gig I'll be buzzing because I've made the room move and dance and I know that's where my passion is.

The pandemic compounded it to a point of just being in a state of either anxiety, stress or depression, or boredom or loneliness or just not feeling like I'm achieving what I'm supposed to be achieving in my short time on this planet. Money is a prison to some extent, but I felt like I was in some kind of self-imposed mental prison with it all.

I wasn't looking for anything, but I really liked the sound of the Intensive. Just to go in, as we did, clear everything away, chill it down, slow it all down and have a look at things and see what answers are just waiting. They're just one thought away.

It's an investment in yourself that I feel was worth it. I don't feel like it's finished, like it wasn't just five days, it's only just begun. That was just the opening ceremony!

I had a flutter about the money that ties into a bigger, difficult relationship with money.

It's like you need to save your money. You need to look after your money. You shouldn't be spending it on yourself. Could there be a better use for it? Would it pay for something for my son or anything like this?

Even before the weekend, from some of the chats we had leading up to it, I was way less stressed about work.

You helped me realise that I'm the one making that stress. I'm defining it as a stressful situation. That has changed now. That's gone. The whole stress level is just gone.

You've helped me to remove the kind of mental prison of anxiety and stress about my job.

I’ve changing the balance of work and life and gigging.

I’ve moved my solo project forward. I’ve lined up some collaborators and the idea has been well received and I’ve bought the gear to do it. I'm speaking it into existence and the feedback has been great!

I've got loads more gigs and I'm seeking out more gigs which is just magnificent and fun. And the gigs have been peaceful mentally because there can be anxiety around that as well. It’s just been even more peaceful and more rewarding and so that's a very clean slate now.

I went in with a very open mind. I thought what is going to happen here? How is this going to happen? What am I going to discover? It was during other people's talks that I saw the most stuff about myself which I didn’t expect.

I didn't think I had any baggage, really. And I did add a couple of big bags, didn’t I? That was really that was a huge weight off my shoulders.

Writing out the intentions, that's when the light bulb went off. I sat down and I forgave myself that one of those bags was full of the feeling of failure and beating myself up for not making it as a well paid professional musician. I'm a professional musician, I’m just not well paid for it yet!

Then writing down my intentions again after that moment was seeing that, wow, of all of these things, actually it is the solo project that that's really the thing I want to do.

With all that bullshit just gone away, I just saw what I want for music much more clearly, which is lovely. It's been really liberating, in a way that well, how could you anticipate that would happen?!

I've got loads of techniques and methods and daily practices to stay connected to what I learned and what the new truth is, and what the truth has always been.

I've just had a whirlwind week with my son, just had a fucking blast! I see clearly now who I want to be and I'm stepping towards it.

I’m very inspired. Quite the opposite of a stressful anxious mess!"





"I’ve had a huge shift in my focus. I was all over the place. A little bit over here, a little bit over there. I’d have 20 tasks on the go and would have each one at 30 or 40% complete so I always had loads of tasks that were undone.

I felt like I was in a rut, where I had loads to work on but I wasn't getting anything done! I was trying to fulfil loads of different people's needs all the time. My new way of thinking about it is now in my head everyday and I’m so much more focussed. I’m getting lots of great feedback from work.

My listening has got so much better and I feel like I'm making better connections with people. Six months ago, I could annoy people by not listening to them deeply and finding myself always thinking about what I want to say next rather than rather than listening to what they were saying. It’s improved all my relationships; my girlfriend, with friends, family, everything!

I saw something about change. Change can happen in a moment. Change can happen with one thought. I always used to think that if I want to change some things, like quitting smoking, I'm not going to be able to do it. I realised that I can decide to stop smoking and just stop smoking. The realisation that everything's within your own grasp. Anything you want to change is down ultimately down to you.

As soon as you mentioned it, I thought that sounds good. I’m in! I was ready for whatever the Intensive was gonna throw me.

If someone else who I didn't know had came and said that to me I wouldn’t have known enough about them to know it would have been a good experience. I've spoken to other coaches and people in this field and I can't really get behind what they're saying. I don't believe in what they're saying because they are not living it.

I know you’re a good listener, a really good listener, you’re a person that I can trust in what you're saying.

I've never really done any sort of self help stuff before. I've read a bit of Tony Robbins here and there but this experience has opened my eyes to realise that school is never out. You can always be happy with what you've got, and also aspire to something better as well. I got a deeper appreciation for that I have and all that I have created and am creating.

My declarations keep me focused on many things I want to achieve or things I want to maintain. If you've got something in the forefront of your mind it is more likely to happen. If you don't think about it, it's not impossible to manifest itself, but it is less likely to happen. You’re increasing your chances of something happening. That's really powerful.

I've got better at walking up to girls and just talking to them. I’ve talked to so many girls this weekend!

I started doing more kettlebell work at the gym and stretching more. I feel like I’m now doing good, real exercise consistently. I’ve been doing cold showers every day and loving it. I'm used to the cold now!

And I am creating more time to contemplate things. Not always trying to fill every minute of every day with something. Realising it’s ok to have thinking time. I’ve been scoping some business ideas and making some plans.

It's been been a good ride and the ride is continuing.

From when we started talking till now, I’m an improved person. I really feel my growth has accelerated in the last 6 months."





"I can be genuinely myself because I am in a space with other men who genuinely wish me well and who genuinely have the desire to be better versions of themselves.

To have a non-competitive, non-judgmental space, to share painful experiences and celebrate positive ones, I think is not something we get in daily life, even if as men we have close friends we have buddies, but this space is special. Beyond all that.

It's a wonderful adventure and immensely challenging, but rewarding one. And I would encourage more men to participate."





"I feel very capable of dealing with my own problems. I always have been, but I challenge anyone to go through this and not find something that's been buried deep inside themselves that they thought they had a lid on, or actually, in the lid lies the problem.

If you are the sort of person who thinks this is all bullshit, then you probably actually probably more likely need it more than those who think they need it."





“I was trying to juggle too much pressure and stress and I wanted to find a way out of my little circus I've created.

I want security and peace and space and tranquillity for my family and that means that I've got to provide all of that and literally start from the ground up.

I felt like my relationship with my partner was in a precarious place and that was affecting our relationship with our daughter. So that was something I absolutely immediately needed to fix or learn to deal better with. The Intensive gave me an opportunity to put that out in front of other people who want to help.

I always had confidence in Nathaniel. His understanding of the world and the mind and and how the two interact has always been something I've admired. What I didn't realise is that the space that the team has created, you with the actual location and the setup, but also with the guys that we're sharing with you know, we've created this really safe space of no judgement and as much time as you needed to really explore some of these concerns, but without necessarily needing to fix them. Just understanding them from a different perspective.

Coming away from the Intensive I feel like I've got a much better way to communicate with my partner. I've got a much better way to deal with the external pressures of modern life, like career, property, the day to day shit. And I feel like I've got a much better way of understanding myself. My strengths and weaknesses, but areas where I should be proud and thankful and appreciative too.

Obviously it’s a leap of faith. What I would say to anyone who's considering this is that the unknown is a beautiful place. There's so much to explore and do and experience that you just don't know what effect it will have on you until you've done it. There's nothing to lose and everything to gain. There's nothing to fear. There's lots of love. And it's it's really an amazing space that has no time no pressure, no external influences to corrupt what is truly yourself.”





Not everyone is ready for this level of work


Do you feel ready for this?


See if you're a good fit by answering these 5 questions:


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