Feedback and testimonials from some of the clients I have worked with

Working with (Nath) made me realise that I could achieve so much more for myself. He helped me learn that I could just get to my future goal straight away.

- Simon Kelly, Digital Marketing Strategist & Owner at Renegade Empire


Nathaniel is a results driven coach, with a corporate background which I value greatly because we are able to connect easily.

This kind of coaching has been pivotal in increasing my clarity of direction and has helped me in making significant wins in relatively short time. I highly recommend Nathaniel 's coaching services.

Clesia Mendes

PPI Complaints Marks & Spencer Bank/ HSBC Group/ Speaker, Coach & Consultant

Conor O'Shea

Nathaniel helped me gain more clarity and direction with my business. He's a very calm professional guy that cuts out all the clutter and makes the path a lot clearer. Highly recommended.

Conor O'Shea

Coach at Conor O' Shea Fitness

Mark Rycroft

Nathaniel is fantastic at listening and uncovering what it is that you really want from your life. Our daily life struggles cloud our dreams and aspirations and stepping back to talk and work with Nathaniel helped me understand what it is I really want and what it is that I know will make me happy.

Fear is something that holds us back from taking bold steps that we know will enhance our lives and Nathaniel is great at working through this. Working with Nathaniel I can honestly say he's great guy, very supportive, action oriented, never afraid to take on life, and above all he goes about it without an ego.

Mark Rycroft

Merida Product Manager at Advance Traders


As a result of working with Nathaniel, we have developed a better understanding of communication and how important listening and watching is when working with people. We have implemented better processes, become more effective at managing our time and resources and increased our happiness.

This has made a massive, measurable and lasting impact on our business and personal lives. Thank you!

Justin Aisman

Owner at Urban Athletic​

Michael Agnew

Nathaniel is a great guy to work with, and I found the support he offered extremely insightful on both a personal and professional level. He helped me to break down barriers into manageable steps which I was able to start tackling and seeing results from after our first session.

Michael Agnew

APAC Lead, Foresight Factory

Not Crop Circles but Pinenurst Circle.
Nick Howard with his Circle Cider

Great Guy, very easy to get along with. Nathaniel was able to provide an outside perspective on my business and what was required to get to the next level. Since then we have improved our systems and organisation, with much of these benefits coming directly from one of his suggestions or now from the inertia he helped create, which is still helping our business to grow.

Nick Howard

Cider Maker and Owner of Circle Cider

Firdi B

Working with Nathaniel has been eye-opening, challenging (in a good way), specific, and honest. Nathaniel is a compassionate coach and active listener. We spent much time understanding what my challenges are currently, and where and why I'm stuck. Nathaniel breaks down these challenges and understanding what's real versus what are just jaded thoughts. In difficult times, you sometimes hope for an answer to land on your plate, but as a coach Nath does not do this, he helps you refine the tools you have to make personal and real decisions and work through the clutter. Nathaniel has helped me be more present with myself and not over think and over analyse every small possibility. One of the best features of his work is that he follows up and checks in outside of scheduled meeting times, and emphasises personal accountability. It has made me clearer in a lot of areas in my life. Has made my choice of next direction a lot clearer.

Firdi Billimoria

Client Service, Sales Professional and Event Producer

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