The Answer Is Never Outside You.

“I’m dealing with things differently now”

Love it when I hear words like this from a client.

Most people think they need to change their external circumstances before they can feel better / content / happy or whatever it is they are looking for.

When I’ve made £XXX then I’ll feel secure. Once I’ve sorted out this relationship then I’ll be able to relax.

When my career is on track then I’ll finally feel happy.

I’ll be in a better place when I’ve fixed this problem.

Once I’ve kicked this habit then I’ll be content.

But this is looking in the wrong direction.

The answer is never outside you.

You’ll be searching forever.

Life will always have a new challenge for you.

Another problem to solve.

An unexpected curve ball, just when you thought you had it all sorted.

This is the game and it will never stop.

The answer to peace and happiness and contentment lies in how you deal with the things, not the things themselves.

And when you find yourself able to deal with things differently, it doesn’t really matter what those things are.

It stops mattering so much, it just becomes another thing to deal with.

And deal with it you will.

Like you always do.

When you’re ready…

Here are three ways you can deepen your understanding of yourself and start creating your life on your terms:

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