The Men’s Circle

“The mind is the source of all suffering, and it is also the source of all happiness.” —Pema Chodron

In the midst of a global slowdown, our thinking has been put under under the microscope like never before.

We might be living at a slower pace than we can remember, but our minds are still busy.

Busy with thoughts about what we are doing, thoughts about what we want, thoughts about other people, thoughts about what we should be doing more or less of, thoughts about what all this means about us.

This is a fact about how we work. We are thought generating machines. We live in the experience of our thoughts. 

Our thoughts are the source of all our emotions, everything from joy and elation to desperation and despair. 



Sometimes we get a glimpse of something deeper.


Maybe it’s when we’re walking in the woods, or in the shower, or daydreaming in a cafe.


In these moments we get past our intellect, the screaming internal dialogue of our consciousness, and access something that lies beyond, the space where realisations and insights come from. 

The Men’s Circle is a place to explore the principles behind how our experience works

It is a safe, judgement free zone, where we hold space for each other and gently explore our thinking, our misunderstandings, and where this might be getting in the way of the life, relationships and experience of the world we really want.

We slow right down. 

We allow ourselves the time and the space to really go deep into the areas of our lives that we wish to see some growth in.

We have deep, impactful conversations that allow us to see more deeply the nature of life, the nature of thought, and who we really are.

Once you have seen this more deeply, you can not un-see it. 

Understanding the role that state of mind plays in all areas of life is the key to becoming even more effective in the world, whatever that means to you.

This will be a transformational weekend. Expect nothing less. 

You will leave knowing:

How to access your deeper wisdom more often

The difference between intelligence and intellect (and when to not let your intellect get in the way of your intelligence)

Where deep, natural confidence comes from

How peace and contentment and piece of mind really work

This will allow you to:

Make better decisions in all areas of your life

Become even better at communicating effectively with others

Transform your relationships, even with the most “difficult” people in your world

Tap into your innate resilience when you need it

Experience less stress, more ease, a deeper sense of connection more often

The details

Investment: £900

21/22/23rd May 2021

Quiet countryside location within 90 mins of London

Small group




1:1 coaching time

Brotherhood, community, connection

Accommodation and top notch, home cooked food included


If you're open minded and would like to be considered for this then reach out to me here:

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