Whatever You’re Feeling Right Now? It’s Normal

It’s normal!

Whatever you are feeling right now, it’s normal.

In fact, anything you ever feel is normal.

There’s a really simple test for this- if you’re feeling it, it’s normal.

But so often we don’t see that. We experience the feeling and then we immediately jump to judge it.

We make a meaning about the fact that we are feeling the feeling and then grapple with the meaning we just made up!

It’s a circular thought loop that is usually way more problematic than the feeling itself.

Common meanings I hear all the time are:

I’m weak
I’m not good enough
I’m going to fail
It won’t work
I’m not who I think I am

And when we’re struggling with these thoughts going round in our heads then we feel low, our self esteem drops, we start second guessing ourselves and insecurity sets in.

But when you know that your feeling is normal, however uncomfortable it is, then you don’t have these self created judgments to deal with. Then it’s just a feeling.

And when it’s just a feeling, with way less on it, then you have some space to be curious about it.

You can ask yourself:

How am I creating this?

This opens you up to exploring the thoughts, beliefs, ideas about the world that create the situation where you feel that feeling in that context.

And when you can explore this with genuine curiosity, huge growth awaits.

But first, just remember it’s normal.

For the men in or near the UK, here’s how you can name your shame with my support:

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